The "new normal."

We hope you and your family have been safe and in good health.

At Skinfocused Dermatology, the health and safety of our patients has always been, and continues to be, our top priority.  To that end, we have been busy researching and implementing the latest safety regulations and guidelines.  We are determined to create and maintain the safest possible health care environment for our staff and patients.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and fine-tune our protocols as needed.

For now, we have plans to implement several COVID-19 specific safety precautions.


Specifically, we plan to:

SCHEDULE: we will be limiting the number of patients in the office at any one time in order to maximize social distancing protocols.  Fewer patients per day may mean slightly longer wait times, but please know that we will strive to accommodate you in a timely manner.  

SCREEN: expect us to screen you upon entering our office.  We wil take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer and ask you screening questions regarding your current health and any exposures to COVID-19.  If you have any symptoms suggestive of infection, an elevated temperature, or a known recent exposure to COVID-19, we would ask that you reschedule your appointment.  We will be actively screening all members of our staff on a daily basis.


PROTECT: for your safety and for the safety of our team, we now require all office visitors to wear a mask for the entirety of their visit.  Our team will wear masks in addition to other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).  Our office has been fitted with medical-grade air purifiers that can kill viruses and recirculate the air over 5 times hourly.


Guidelines call for limiting interactions, so we ask that you make every effort to come into the office alone, without an escort (unless medically necessary).  You may also see limited seating (to maximize distance between patients). 


BEHIND THE SCENES: our team will be furiously and carefully disinfecting every inch of the office including consultation rooms, restrooms, countertops and door handles.

PLEASE NOTE OUR REVISED CANCELLATION POLICY: Skinfocused Dermatology is committed to protecting your health, and we are altering our schedule to minimize your contact with others. We appreciate your understanding and ask you to reschedule with as much notice as possible if you are unable to keep the appointment.


Therefore, all cancellations must be made more than 48 hours (2 BUSINESS days) in advance.

Late cancellations and/or no-shows will be charged $195.

Thank you, as always, for your trust in Skinfocused Dermatology.  We consider it a privilege to care for you and will continue to work tirelessly to provide you with that care in the safest possible manner.  


We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Skinfocused Dermatology respects your privacy.

All information is kept completely confidential. 

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