As the office manager at Skinfocused Dermatology, Zen ensures the excellent quality of care that patients have come to expect.  Her kindness and warm smile welcomes everyone who is lucky enough to interact with her.  She is an expert at accommodating our patients, balancing their busy schedules and our treatment availabilities.  With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Zen has been a phenomenal addition to our team.

Zenka’s Thoughts on Her Skin Care Regimen

I tend to have oily skin with not much sun damage (thank you, sunscreen!) and mild melasma.  My morning routine includes the Skinfocused Ultra Gentle Cleanser, followed by the Skinmedica HA5, which is extremely effective in boosting hydration and plumping my skin.  I apply the Skinceuticals Phloretin or CE Ferrulic serums to minimize pore congestion by fighting daily exposure to free radicals.  I have noticed a considerable difference.  My nighttime routine, after cleansing, includes Skinmedica’s Lytera to help minimize and maintain my hyperpigmentation from potential further damage, along with tretinoin for anti-aging purposes.


In term of laser therapy, to treat the unwanted marks and melasma, I have noticed a difference after the PicoWay laser treatments.  It has made my skin tone more even and helped to rejuvenate my skin.  For hair removal, I love when Jackie and Stacey use the Skinfocused laser which is best for my dark hair and olive undertone. 


Since it’s very first day, Christine has been a part of the Skinfocused Dermatology team.  She specializes in ensuring that patients have the best possible experience, whether it is due to the simple act of adjusting the treatment chair, sterilizing our rooms to maintain our standards of cleanliness, or holding someone's hand.  Christine and Dr. Kosann work closely as a team to provide exceptional care for our patients.

Christine’s Thoughts on Her Skin Care Regimen

I clean my face daily with either the ultra gentle cleanser or the glycolic 10% cleanser. A few times a week, I’ll use the Skinceuticals clarifying cleanser. In the mornings, I use a small amount of the Skinceuticals Phloretin serum, followed by the Skinmedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, and sunscreen (I love the Elta SPF 46). In the evenings, after cleansing, I also use tretinoin.


I rely on Botox/Dysport to smooth out wrinkles; I find that is also helps to relieve my migraines. I loved the IPL, because as a gardener, I had a mottled complexion. The IPL was an easy way to even out my skin tone. The hair laser was a life-changing event, in which my arm hair was removed. But, the best thing I have done so far was the CO2RE laser resurfacing.  I had a couple of days of downtime (I still came in to work!), but it helped my skin more than anything else I have done.  Patients and friends are still commenting on it. You can ask to see my pictures, too!



Jill’s positive energy and compassion for others made her a perfect fit for our Skinfocused team.

Jill’s Thoughts on Her Skin Care Regimen

I have always been interested in skin care and am a licenses cosmetologist.  But, when I started using the Skinfocused products, I was hooked.  Right now, I am using the glycolic 10% moisturizing cleanser, the daily skin repair moisturizer, and the eye repair cream.  Of course, I use sunscreen every morning.  And, I recently had fillers (my first time :)…I am hooked!


It was Jamie’s interest in skin care that led her to Skinfocused Dermatology.  Jamie’s big smile welcomes patients to our office.

Jamie’s Thoughts on Her Skin Care Regimen

When I was younger, I used to love the sun, but as I got older I have made a point of taking care of my skin.  In the morning, I use the Skinfocused glycoic 10% moisturizing cleanser, followed by Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum, and then the MD Solar Science sunscreen.  At night, I use the Skinfocused gentle cleanser and then tretinoin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I like to alternate the tretinoin with Skinmedica’s TNS serum. I have done many procedures here at Skinfocused, but my favorites are treating my forehead as well as filler in my cheeks.  To keep my skin looking fresh, I also love when the aesthetics team will do my dermaplaning, IPL, and hair laser.  Most recently, I got treated with the CO2RE resurfacing, and my skin has never looked so tight and bright!



Gail is an absolute professional who helps our team at Skinfocused Dermatology get things done.  She can manage multiple tasks simultaneously, all with a smile and a kind word.

Gail’s Thoughts on Her Skin Care Regimen

I use the Skinfocused gentle cleanser twice daily.  At night, I use tretinoin for anti-aging purposes. I love treating my forehead to smooth out the wrinkles (it’s definitely a great perk!).  I also love filler --  wherever the doctors recommend it. I have also done IPL, hair laser, and just did the CO2RE laser resurfacing to even out my skin texture and tone. 



Sometimes the stars align, and Skinfocused finds the perfect person to join our team.  Veronica is definitely a shining star at our front desk, with a big smile (under her mask) and warm personality to welcome patients both in person and on the phone.  


She might have glowing skin and a sweet demeanor, but Megahn will also take care of every patient through the entire process...from accommodating a patient for an appointment, to streamlining the check-in process, to following up on any concerns or questions, to saying goodbye until the next time!


Bright, capable, and beautiful, Rebecca is a perfect addition to our medical aesthetic suite.  Working both with our physicians and our medical aestheticians, Rebecca is able to juggle everyone's schedules to ensure our patients are able to have the experience they need, when they need it.


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