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I’m often asked what the most important procedure or effective product is for anti-aging purposes. And, you know what I’ve found? It’s something so easy. Something that is inexpensive and requires only a bit of forethought.

Sun avoidance.

That’s it.

It sounds pretty simple, right? So, why don’t more people do it?

Well, first of all, the sun just feels good. And, a tan looks good, too. And, there’s always an explanation: I forgot the sunscreen...I didn't bring a hat...I didn’t know it would get sunny out.

Trust me, I know sun protection and sun avoidance requires a little bit of work.

I always start first thing in the morning, so at least I have a little coverage no matter what the day may bring. UV rays find their way through the clouds, and fluorescent light bulbs emit UV rays as well.

I recommend starting the day with the application of an antioxidant serum — which can enhance the efficacy of sunscreen. Then, pick moisturizers (with a tint or without) with at least an SPF of 30. Keep a sunscreen stick or facial powder with SPF in your handbag. Have a hat in your car. Look up at the sky and position yourself away from the sun. And, yes, be the one carrying a parasol to the lacrosse or soccer game (those fields have NO shade!) on the weekends.

Remember, a tan lasts only a short time, but the damage is forever. Prevention is the best treatment.

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